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Charges and Fees

Overdue Charges

The fine for all overdue items (except for DVDs and Videocassettes) is 20¢ per day, per item. There is a one day grace period for these items. However, if an overdue item is turned in after the grace period, the patron will be fined for that day as well. The maximum fine for these items is $5.00.

The fine for overdue DVDs and Videocassettes is $1.00 per day. There is no grace period for DVDs or Videocassettes. The maximum fine for a DVD or a Videocassette is $5.00.

Fees for Damaged or Lost Items

Patrons are charged for damaged or lost items. The fee for a damaged item will be the amount required to restore the item to circulating condition (up to the cost of replacement). The fee for a lost item is the replacement cost for the item. In both cases, an additional $5.00 processing fee is charged.

Fee for Reserved Items Not Picked Up

There is a $1.00 fee per item for reserved/hold items that are not picked-up.  If we are notified that the item is no longer needed or can’t be picked-up, there is no charge.

Replacement Card Fees

We charge $1.00 for the first replacement library card, and $5.00 for any other replacement cards.

Returned Check Fee

We charge $20.00 for a Returned Check.

Print and Copy Fees

The charge for Black and White copies and prints is $0.15 per page.  Color copies and prints are $0.50 per page.  Ledger size (11″ X 17″) copies and prints are $0.30 per page for  Black and White, and $1.00 per page for color.